Waking Up from the Cardboard Nightmare: Tips for Moving to Uni

Congratulations! You’ve been admitted to your top choice of university. The problem is, now you have to relocate to the opposite site of the country for the next four years.

Over time, you’ve accumulated a pretty large amount of stuff, and now it’s time to pack it up and start your new life. Moving is one of those things that is never easy, however with a little consideration and planning you can save yourself the bulk of the hassle.

Check it Out

If possible, you should properly scout the location you’ll be moving to. This way you’ll know exactly how much space you have, and much stuff you can actually take; after all, a shared room or house can be very different to an apartment, which is in turn very different to a house.

Take the Minimum

The next step is to pack light. Tour life is going to change a lot while you are away at university. It’s always good to leave some space for all the new things you’ll acquire over the next few years.

Make a list of what you absolutely need for your space and stick to it. While you’re at it, you can probably make a few pounds by selling things you don’t need. They can also be donated if you’re stuck with them or feeling charitable.

Follow the Rules

Before you start packing, you need to check with your university about which items they allow and which are restricted or prohibited, particularly when it comes to electronics and certain appliances.

Prepare for the First Few Days

Most people tend to just put all their stuff in boxes and just go with the clothes on their backs. However, not having necessities with you can be problematic. If you’re shipping your stuff and it arrives a day late, you may be left without some pretty important essentials.

Pack an overnight bag with clothes, toiletries and even your pillow and a few blankets.

Avoid Common Mistakes

The problem many people run to when it comes to moving is that everything looks the same. Finding a certain item requires going through a plethora of cardboard boxes.

This is why you have to get creative and be extremely organised when it comes to packing. The things you need to unpack first should be in a different kind of container to make them easier to find. Buy a clear plastic bin, or use a certain suitcase or even your hamper.

Try to develop a storage system that includes clear labels, and maybe some colour coding. Green for the closet, blue for the bathroom, red for books; you get the idea. This way boxes will be easier to identify when it comes time to unpack.

Moving Tips

If you have breakable items to move, you can use clothing to protect them. This way you’ll be packing your more fragile possessions and packing your clothes at the same time, saving you time and money.

You may be tempted to try to fit all your stuff into the back of a car or maybe rent a van. However, if you are moving abroad or need to save money, pallets are a great alternative.

If you don’t have enough stuff to fill out a whole pallet, you can always share one with friends moving to university. This will help you offset the cost and get your stuff delivered in a reliable manner.

Pallets are also good for larger items like a sofa; things that can’t fit in a car.

A little organisation can help you ease your way into your new life at university. Use these tips to pack your bags and boxes, and best of luck in your new academic adventure!