Volunteers In The World Ensures 100% Of Fees Go To Volunteering Projects

With recent statistics from Volunteer Travel Insights revealing that 77% of volunteers find their experience deeply meaningful, Volunteers In The World seeks to enable all willing individuals the opportunity to volunteer in developing countries within safe, ethically sound projects. With a focus on humanitarian and conservation projects throughout beautiful yet poverty ridden locations, volunteer experiences span continents such as Asia, Africa and Central and South America. Volunteers In The World ensures that all fees paid by volunteers feeds directly into the cause and benefits the local community rather than being funnelled out through a middle man company.

With a stunning 33% of individuals longing to volunteer but feeling they have not located the appropriate opportunity, Volunteers In The World is designed for every volunteer, including university students and adults, with education, skills and experience that they wish to share. Only collaborating with ethical, low cost ventures, Volunteers In The World seeks to eliminate financial implications that force enthusiastic volunteers away from the experience.  Volunteers pay all fees direct to the project for clarity, and a separate small admin fee to Volunteers in the World to cover the costs of maintenance, marketing and management.

Julia Kulinski, Company Director says, “There are so many people who would just love to volunteer and help those in need but can’t because they cannot afford to, or don’t know who to trust. The world is losing out on so many bright, intelligent and capable people simply because they feel priced out of the experience. Our projects give 100% back to the cause and the local community.

“Unfortunately, many people are scared away from volunteering abroad because it’s too expensive or they don’t trust where the money is going. When people are connected with worthwhile, genuine projects, the experience is deeply meaningful and enriching. We aim to return people’s faith to such projects and tell them: yes it can be done, it can be affordable and you can make a difference.”

By utilising a system where volunteers pay their fees direct to the project they choose, the company and individual also saves money on transfer fees. The projects enable volunteers to travel to naturally beautiful locations worldwide enabling them to work in schools, orphanages, and assist with conservation and social projects in stunning destinations including Thailand, Mexico, Nepal, Peru and Kenya. With 38% of volunteers claiming they wish to feel useful, the projects are designed to utilise the skills and experiences of volunteers to benefit local communities, often whilst in exchange for a highly referred skill, such as teaching English whilst learning Spanish from the locals.

Ms Kulinski adds, “Non-government organisations are often privately funded and developing countries have no benefits system in place to cushion them from pitfalls. It’s because of this that volunteering is so essential. We refuse to overbook placements so that each person, whether they volunteer for 2 weeks or a year gets the most of out of their experience.”

The company also ensures that volunteers receive personalised volunteer placements suited to their skills and requirements, transportation to the project and a 24 hour emergency hotline. Created by volunteers for volunteers, anyone with an aptitude for volunteering, including university students, professional volunteers and mature volunteers are invited to take on an exciting and worthy new challenge.

To find out more about Volunteers In The World, visit http://www.volunteersintheworld.co.uk/