Tips for doing a good interview

The Interview Process

Interviews can be a very daunting experience, especially if it’s your first proper job interview. You want to make a good impression and prove you are the right candidate for the job as you only have one chance.

The most important thing to remember before walking into an interview is to have your prep work done, when you’re in the interview room be confident and sell yourself and when you leave be polite and leave with confidence.

This article will look at the steps you should follow before, during and after an interview. Following this guide will give you a good chance to secure a good job.


The big thing that will help you answer questions well is if you research the company. Go through their website, look into any projects they have going on or any future plans for the company. This will help you when they ask you the big question; why do you want this job? What they’re really saying is what is it about this job that interests you and what can you bring to the role?

By researching you’ve shown that you have given the role real thought. Be enthusiastic, show that you are actually passionate about the role. Focus on how them hiring you will impact them, as opposed to how the job will be good for you.

After researching the company conjure up some potential questions they could ask you and practice your responses. Prepare a list of questions to ask your potential employers, as it shows you’re interested and engaged in the interview, as well as showing you’re already thinking about your future with the company. Employers will like that.

Dress smart and eat something beforehand. A full stomach will improve brain functionality and help you stay alert. Nothing worse than looking sleepy or your stomach gurgling constantly.


Prior to the interview starting, be there early. Nothing worse than being late, employers hate it and it shows that you’re not really interested in the position, you need to be reliable.

When answering a question, it is important to remember to speak clearly and with confidence. Sell yourself, tell them all about your strengths, translatable skills and how you could be a potential asset to their company. But don’t be afraid to dive into some weaknesses or areas to improve.

You should also keep your answers short, simple and honest. Don’t ramble on for too long as it could possibly come off as arrogant if all you can talk about is how much of a strong candidate you are.

Sit up straight, make plenty of eye contact and smile, when it makes sense to of course, don’t just sit there with a huge grin on your face for the duration of the interview.


Stand up, shake their hand and thank them for the opportunity. If they don’t say when you’ll be hearing from them then be sure to ask about the expected decision-making time.

A good way to increase your chances is by sending a thank you note that personally thanks them once again with another brief description of why you’re a suitable candidate. It will go a long way with the interviewers and could potentially impact the decision, it’s worth a try.

If you follow these steps any interview should be a breeze for you.