Where students should look for employment

Even with student loans and the various bursaries available to students these days, many still seek part time employment to supplement their income. It tends to be students who have moved away from home to study who struggle the most and need a job to help them pay their rent, utility and food bills. There are various places where students should look for work before anywhere else and here are just a few of them.

There are now several websites dedicated to students looking for work, which takes the worry out of trawling ordinary job site trying to find positions that fit in with your hours of study. E4s.co.uk is one such site that helps student to find all manner of jobs be it part time, over holiday periods or during a gap year. There are jobs on here in various areas including working from home opportunities and the website covers all areas of the UK, as well as abroad for gap years.

Stop walking past those notice boards and actually stop and look at them. There are often job notices posted on here for positions inside or very close to your university or college. They may not be your ideal job but the locality can come in very handy particularly if you live in halls. Student bars are a popular source of employment and they will more than likely advertise on these boards, as well as within the bar itself.

As most universities are in, or very close to, a major city, print yourself off a ream of CV’s and get them into the shops in the city centre. Students are looked upon favourably by many retailers and as supermarkets in particular stay open later than ever, the majority of their evening staff will be students. These are also the best place to find temporary jobs over the Christmas period.