Perfect jobs for students

So November has arrived, the countdown has begun to Christmas, and how many student can honestly say they have enough of their student loan left to both survive on and get through what is the most expensive period of the year for everyone? Although this is a prime example, there are few students who manage to make their loans last until the next instalment, especially the one from April-September. Here are some great jobs for students to help the money stretch.

No surprise for guessing that the long standing number one job for students is in retail. The flexible working hours are perfect to fit around lectures and whether you are looking for something over the Christmas period or permanent part time this is the sector with the most opportunities. If you work part time to fit around your studies there will probably be plenty of opportunities for overtime during the long summer break as regular staff take then holidays.

Working in a bar or restaurant is another big draw for students. This was the number one employment at one time until shops started staying open later but it is still a firm favourite as waiting on tables or serving drinks is something you can pick up in no time without having any experience. Many advertise their vacancies in windows or on notice boards so a pile of CV’s and some leg work may be involved to grab one of these jobs.

What could be better than spending your summer listening to top bands for free? This is just one of the reason why many students spend their summer break working at music festivals. It’s a great way to get out and about, meet new people, and supplement that student loan that by July will probably be looking pretty poor.