7 good part-time jobs for students

Being a student is busy work, isn’t it? Not only do you have to balance your work load with enough hours sleep and a social life, you also need a bit of extra cash. Why not get yourself a part-time job? Working while studying might seem like a hard task but not if you choose the right part-time job.

Certain factors you should consider when hunting for a part-time job should include;

Location– It needs to be easily accessible, if you drive it broadens your possibilities but if you don’t not to worry as there’s usually a lot on offer in university/college towns.

Schedule– Make sure the times or days they want you to do work well with your studies.

Pay– You should aim to find a job that is both enjoyable and gives you the income that you need.

With all that in mind this article will look at a small selection of good part-time jobs for students.


It can be a draining process, speaking from experience, learning how to be a lifeguard. However, if you’re willing to get trained and certified, then it can be a very rewarding job.

You’ll be spending your days by the pool helping to promote safety in the water, with most of your time spent watching and observing but when the time comes you’ll be expected to leap into action like a young David Hasselhoff.

Another benefit of the job is that you’re most likely to have young co-workers and a fun work environment.


This is an ideal job for those who are looking to earn quick cash and gain good experience in the food industry. It will require a lot of hard work as you’ll be on your feet pretty much all of your shift, and dealing with difficult customers can be challenging.

However, if you work hard and deliver a quality service then you can expect extra income in the form of tips, which will greatly benefit your bank account.


This can be a very fun job depending on where you work. A quiet local pub isn’t going to have the same atmosphere as your campus bar but will still offer a cool social scene, it’ll likely be close to campus and the pay is usually pretty good.

Depending on the bar, you could be working late shifts which won’t do wonders for your early morning lecture. But if you get into a popular pub or bar they can be a very enjoyable and fun place to work.


This one is good for those Instagram and Snapchat addicts. While it might seem like you’re not really doing a lot on social media, you’re actually gaining useful skills. Local businesses or companies could be looking for someone to run their social media pages.

This job is ideal for the busy college/university student, who prides themselves on their multitasking skills, as it can be done remotely. The pay will obviously depend on the business but it could be a good stepping stone for a future in marketing or a job in media.


If you’re someone who is passionate about your campus and don’t mind speaking in front of crowds then this could be the job for you. Put your skills to good use as a paid campus tour guide.

This job can improve your public speaking skills, provide plenty of exercise as your constantly walking, and an opportunity to persuade potential students to join your university or college.

It’s a simple but fun job that allows you to meet new people, as long as you don’t mind constantly being on the move.


There is a wide range of jobs out there that require you to drive. Uber allows you to be your own taxi service, as long as you have your own car and a license you’re good to go.

It’s ideal as you can do this job whenever it suits you, great for the busy student.

If you don’t want to drive around strangers then why not food? Be a delivery driver for Dominos, Local restaurants or Deliveroo, with the latter offering a lot of exercise.


This one is good because you don’t really need any experience. Most supermarkets are always looking for cashiers so finding a job shouldn’t be too hard.

The hours are usually pretty flexible, depending on the place, and the pay is normally good. They offer early morning shifts for those that want to get work done and out of the way, or late shifts for the those who prefer to work into the night.

As well as sending things through the scanner you’ll probably be required to do some food prep as well.

There you have it, a small selection of good jobs for students. Get out there and earn some cash.