Is UCLAN for you?

Finding the right university to cater for your needs is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life. This should be a decision you and you alone make after careful deliberation and weighing up all the facts and pros and cons. Many students make the mistake of going to a uni where their friends are going, and this is probably the worst reason ever for choosing a university.


At the core of every university in the UK is a faculty that cater for students in different ways. While there are those universities that cater for all students with hundreds of courses to choose from, there are also those who specialise in certain areas and having a diploma from one of these establishments’ looks very impressive on your CV. There is a massive choice these days for students, and some very good universities can often get lost in the crowd.

One university that is determined to get the word out about how good they are in UCLAN, its official title being the University of Central Lancashire. They are holding an open day for prospective students on the 30th November and to get the word out they have released a short but informative video which is a montage of the great courses they offer and to give a brief taster of what student life at UCLAN consists of.

We see young athletes on the track, footballers on the pitch and a shot of both the science facility and the art department. Full details of all the courses offered, as well as a 2104 prospectus and a link to register for the open day are all the bright and breezy UCLAN website. If you are unsure as to your university for autumn 2014, taking a trip to this website could be the best decision you ever made.