UCLAN a smart choice for many college leavers

Although this year’s college year only started in September, those who will be leaving sixth form education next summer are already looking around at the various universities they could apply to. There has never been more choice for students when it comes to further education, and student financing and loans everyone now has an equal chance of making the best of themselves and the class divide has been virtually abolished.

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The problem that arises from this amount of choice is that the universities have to make themselves stand out in a crowd. UCLAN, the University of Central Lancashire, is one establishment that is determined it will make itself noticed. They have an open day coming up on the 30th November to highlight the quality of the courses and campus, and they have released a great video to give potential students a taste of what they have to offer.

From the athletics track to the science lab to the art department, the video gives us a montage of what courses you can study at UCLAN. The young footballers could be England stars of the future, and every student who makes the trip to UCLAN, which is located in Preston, is given the best possible support and motivation in order to meet their full potential.

The full 2014 prospectus for undergraduates is now available to download from the University of Central Lancashire website, and you will also find a link there to register for the open day.

With competition fierce between both universities and students, if you want to attend a university that will also put your needs first, then you owe it to yourself to attend this open day and see exactly what UCLAN can do for you in order that you make the right choices and achieve you full potential in your chosen career path,.