Temp jobs for art students in and around campus

Art students have to be creative when it comes to finding work on campus, but for those willing to look there are opportunities available on campus from doing temp work around campus to getting involved in industry projects to collaborating with other students. Collaborative projects or live projects are both excellent ways to take advantage to the setting that the university already has set up for students and offers the chance to take advantage of a full education so that students can succeed when they become immersed back into the industry.

Many arts universities regularly offer industry projects that have dual benefits for students and for businesses alike. Businesses are often able to foster more creative ideas among the student community whereas students get the chance to build some real experience while they are exploring new ideas and working on meeting deadlines.

For instance, Clare Merrick was able to help Condé Nast develop an iPad app while she was working in graphic design at Manchester Metropolitan University. Merrick explained that they had a university presentation with the tablet design manager that was searching for digital interns and since she wanted to work in the world of online publishing she decided to create a concept that the magazine could use.

She worked for months on the concept and then finally was able to have Conde Nast take a look at her work via her course tutor. The end result of her efforts was some freelance design work and a three month paid internship. She added that it was a fantastic opportunity to work with the company and really helped her to later find a full time job within the publishing industry that took into account her graphic design background because it looked great on her resume.