Spotlight on apprenticeships for students

Rhys Walker, a sixteen-year-old student from Gateshead, was looking for a job compatible with his current studies. He has obtained an apprenticeship after going to an event which promoted work and apprenticeship. In August, the Gateshead Collective organised an event called ‘Which Way Now’. This event was meant to endorse apprenticeship programmes apart from sharing opinion about employment.

This was the perfect place for Rhys, a teenager concerned about having an income. After the event, he was interviewed by Access Training, a training provider company. A couple of weeks later, they shortlisted and offered him a job as Intermediate Storage & Warehousing Apprenticeship and started to work from September.

The managing director at Access Training, Malcolm Armstrong, gave some insight about his case. He stated that Rhys had protected his apprenticeship because the process was very simple. He added that they had seen, at Access Training, several other examples such as this one.

The managing director also noted that there was neither a lengthy recruitment nor a long selection process. He assured that apprenticeships were a trendy choice among youngsters seeking to study and get an income.

Furthermore, the manager Chris Riley declared that everything went better this time. This was the second time they had asked for new apprentices. He added that they had had as many as 3 interviews scheduled in a few days time and Rhys was selected for the job in about 2 weeks.

Access Training interviews and shortlists first-class applicants for companies such as Park Electrical’s. In addition, they find people interested in learning from scratch and willing to develop their skills on the company. Park Electrical’s has many employees who took part on the apprenticeship programme and have progressed to long-standing status of employment.