Using social media to gain employment after Uni

Attempting to find a job straight out of university can be difficult because there are literally thousands of others that want the same job you do. One great way to help make the process a bit easier is by getting together an established LinkedIn account while still in uni so that you have time to build up a reasonable list of contacts. Plus, starting up a LinkedIn profile while still in college can help lead to more opportunities and better work experiences that you can start while still working on your studies.

University work related learning officer Ian Osborne explained that she used to set up over 200 work placements for students while working in a previous position and she was able to find most of the positions by utilizing the contacts that she had on LinkedIn. She added that the more time someone spends on LinkedIn the more time they have to generate contacts that allow a person to develop a positive online presence for themselves.

LinkedIn is becoming a very important part of building an online presence that will help graduates find jobs with some universities even offering tips for using LinkedIn within their courses. Obsorne stated that students that are just getting started with LinkedIn for the first time will have a lot of work in front of them but then over time maintaining and updating their profiles will get easier.

She stated that the first thing to do is make sure that LinkedIn is update with all activities, grades, achievements, and involvements in passions, societies, career goals, and interests. She stated that it is also important to update the profile regularly the same way that you would keep any other social network up to date by offering new and fresh information to those that see your profile.