Princes Trust paints a gloomy picture of life for young people

About three quarters of a million of the young people that live in Britain right now allegedly have nothing to live for according to a warning that was issued by the Prince’s Trust. The findings from a survey conducted by the Prince’s Trust found that about 40% of young people that live in Britain have faced one or more mental illness symptoms because they cannot find work. Some of these symptoms include panic attacks and self-loathing. The survey also revealed that young adults that are not employed are twice as likely to be taking antidepressants.

Out of this group the charity found that one out of three youngsters that had been unemployed long term had thought about suicide and another 24% of those included in the survey admitted to self-harming practices. Another nine percent stated that they had nothing to lie for and felt very prospect about their lives getting any better.

If the survey percentages were to be applied to the rest of the youth population this would mean that about 750,000 youth in Britain feel like they do not have anything left to live for. One of the reasons that young adults cannot find jobs is that older adults are hanging onto their jobs longer because they cannot afford to retire which is affect job availability.

Chief Executive of the Prince’s Trust, Martina Milburn, stated that unemployment has already been proven to lead to many long term mental health problems for young adults with thousands questioning why they are even alive.

The Prince’s Trust charity is asking the Government, employers, and health agencies to take immediate in order to help compensate for some of the serious problems that can be caused by the low job rate. The charity stated that something has to be done about the situation with about a million young people estimated to be out of work.