Film Making Course Options

The film industry can be a notoriously hard one to break into, but it is an industry that offers up a whole host of jobs in areas such as sound and music, lighting, costume design, camera operation, and screenwriting.  If you are interested in a career in film, and have the funds available, film making courses can provide a lot of the skills and knowledge you’ll need to work in the industry. Here are some options:

University Courses

If the film making bug has bitten early, then learning at university, at either degree or post graduate level, may be an option. There are courses held at universities across the UK in various film related disciplines. These include Film Production with Cinematography at Bournemouth University, Film and Video Production at University of Derby, Moving Image at Northbrook College in Sussex and Animation and Digital Film Production at University of Worcester.

Elstree Film School

If you’re interested in the film industry, but not quite sure what route to take, then a course like Introduction To Film and TV Industry, held at Elstree Film Studios Training School could be a good place to start. The course covers all aspects of pre and post film production, and also offers students a lot of advice on education, training, and gaining employment in the industry.

The famous film studios also offer intense courses on film script writing, lighting, camera operation and music/sound design.

London Film School

Independent film schools, run by those with a lot of experience in the film industry, are another study option. Many of these are located in London, such as The London Film School, which has been open since 1956. They have students from across the world take their courses, and are recognised by the UK film industry training body. Their courses include an MA in Filmmaking, MA in Screenwriting and an MA in Film Curating. The school also offers evening, weekend, and short courses in professional film making skills. Course titles include ‘A to Z of Documentary Making’, ‘Post Production Sound Master Class’ and ‘Colour Grading Post Production’.

Wildeye: International School For Wildlife And Conservation Filmmakers

Fulfilling a need for specialist courses in this area, Wildeye have run many short specialist courses in Norfolk, along with organising a Big Cat Film Safari in the Masai Mara. Their courses are suitable for beginners up to professional filmmakers, and cover topics like wildlife film editing, research and production for wildlife films and wildlife sound recording.

Further Information

This is just a snapshot of some of the UK filmmaking courses available for students. For further information about education or training opportunities, visit Britfilms. Their online portal is run by international cultural relations body, The British Council, and has directories of courses at film schools and universities. They also have hints and tips about the film industry, a directory of film festivals, resources for filmmakers, and general careers advice. Why not find out more, and see if there is a career path/study opportunity in the film industry that suits you!