Employers urged to consider more than experience when hiring graduates

The latest reports to come from High Fliers Research have predicted hat the majority of graduate jobs in 2014 will go to those who have already had work experience with the hiring organisations. A leading assessment and development practitioner has now called for all employers to make sure that work placements and internships are judged on potential over both experience and education.
According to the latest report from a&dc, there is an anticipated rise in businesses offering opportunities for graduates, and while this is a positive move for the next generation of talent it will also throw up a host of new challenges for all employers.
As more organisations target candidates at increasingly early stages in their career or education, assessing which individuals are the best fit with the company will be difficult, but essential to maintaining a sustainable pool of graduate talent.

James Crichton, a Consultant at a&dc who specialises in entry level assessment, explains; “I think that the real business issue here is how to attract and then select the most relevant candidates in to work experience, intern or vacation scheme programmes in the first place to ensure there is a pool of talent to then take on at graduate level. For blue-chip organisations the conversion from intern to employee is a metric which is increasingly being used as a KPI and I expect this trend will only increase over the coming years.” 

“Therefore, the key question that is being asked from an assessment perspective is ‘how do you measure the potential in candidates at a very early stage of their career, particularly when they themselves do not necessarily know what they want to do?’ A well designed behavioural assessment which can elicit the values and motivations of the candidates is a good start. This also raises the query of when employers should begin engaging with students. Historically this used to be in the last year of their degree but now savvy recruiters and in-house resourcing teams understand the value in beginning that relationship with potential employees at a much earlier stage, often pre-university.”