The cheapest cost of living for students at the top UK universities can be found at Edinburgh

The University cost comparison tool offers vital knowledge to both prospective students and their parents before they submit their UCAS applications. Students who are looking for a degree course which won’t cost the earth should seriously consider the Edinburgh Heriot-Watt University according to the latest study into the cost of living at the top universities in the UK.

This major study has been carried out by Ukash, the provider of online payments, to make it easier for students to see where there money will go the furthest at the top 20 UK universities. This is to tie in with the UCAS application deadline which is the 15th January 2014 The findings identified Edinburgh Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh and St. Andrews universities as the three cheapest to attend, with students needing to pay £9,587 each year – a whopping £10,000 less than the most expensive universities identified by the study – in addition to cheaper annual gym membership, averaging £96, and free entry into events at the Students Union.

The University of Kent ranked fourth in the cost league table, helped by cheaper and more flexible tuition fees dependent on degree course, while a comparatively low average annual rent (£3,108) at the University of East Anglia landed it in fifth place.

The ten least expensive universities, and their total cost of living over three years, are:

1. Edinburgh Heriot-Watt University £28,761
2. University of Edinburgh £31,210
3. University of St. Andrews £33,603
4. University of Kent £35,344
5. University of East Anglia £41,604
6. University of Birmingham £41,727
7. University of Warwick £41,790
8. University of York £42,793
9. University of Leicester £43,139
10. University of Lancaster £43,938

Students who choose to attend the most expensive top universities, including London School of Economics, University College London and Imperial College London, are likely to fork out more than double the amount being paid by those at the cheapest universities.

London School of Economics (LSE) – which ranked as the most expensive university – has an annual living cost of £19,717, compared to £9,587 at Edinburgh Heriot-Watt. Over their three-year degree course, undergraduates at LSE can expect to spend £59,152 on tuition fees and living costs.

This increased cost of living is due in particular to markedly higher annual rent (£8,710), car insurance (£1,054) and entry into student events (£120) than at all other universities.

Each of the five most expensive universities, also including Cambridge and Oxford, incur annual rent costs of over £5,000, topping £7,000 when located in London.

The ten most expensive universities, and their total cost of living over three years, are:

1. London School of Economics £59,152
2. University College London £53,954
3. Imperial College London £53,822
4. Oxford University £50,540
5. Cambridge University £47,997
6. Exeter £45,291
7. Bath £45,199
8. Durham £44,459
9. Surrey £44,264
10. Loughborough £43,965

Miranda McLean, Marketing Director at Ukash, commented on the results: “We produced this cost comparison study for students who want to go to a top university but also don’t want it to cost the earth. We were surprised to find such staggering differences in costs, with factors such as car insurance, rent and tuition fees varying greatly depending on where you study.

“With many students needing to complete their UCAS application on or before 15th January 2014, we’ve also developed an online tool that makes it easy for students to compare the cost of living at the UK’s top 20 universities.”

Students and parents can view the full range of research data and use the interactive cost comparison tool online at

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