20% of Parents Tell Kids Not to Attend University

A new study has found that about 20% of all parents admit to telling their children they should not attend university. The parents cite increased tuition and the fact that so many college graduates still do not have jobs as reasons why parents may feel university is not a practical choice.

Despite many parents automatically wanting to see their child attend university, graduate and land a high paying career, new research that has been carried out has revealed that an increasing number of individuals are actually trying to deter their children from going to university for a multitude of different reasons.

Leading UK money-saving website www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk polled a total of 2,193 UK parents for the purposes of the study, with all respondents having at least one child aged between 15 and 18 years old.

Participants were initially asked if their child or children were currently considering the option of university after completing their compulsory education, with 92% of parents admitting that they were either starting to think about it or in the process of looking at different courses at various universities around the UK. When asked whether or not they wanted their children to go university, 32% said ‘yes’, whilst 29% said that they wouldn’t mind if they attended or not. 39% said that they did not want their child or children to go to university, with 21% of all participants in the study confessing that they have, or would in the future, actively discourage their children from attending university in the future.

Parents who were against the idea of their children entering into post-18 higher education were asked to give the main reasons as to why this was. The top answers emerged as:

The increased financial cost of tuition fees along with the general cost of university life – (32%)
The number of graduates with degrees who cannot find a job in their chosen field upon completing their studies-(24%)
Wary that my child would only be interested in the ‘party lifestyle’ students have whilst at university -(17%)
I feel my child isn’t smart enough or hard-working enough to make the most of the university experience-(14%)
I would miss my child too much if they went to a university far away-(11%)

George Charles, spokesperson for www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, made the following comments regarding the findings of the study:

“Whilst for previous generations it would have been a source of immense pride to declare to friends and family that your child was going to be attending university, it seems now that the tables have most definitely turned. Findings reflect that parents are increasingly focusing on the negative aspects of student life, and the fact that university may not be the best choice for all young adults now.”

He continued:

“The simple fact is that there are so many options to explore after leaving school that don’t involve university, and will still be able to start children off on their chosen career path. Apprenticeships, internships and entry level jobs are all perfectly viable options, and ones that will not leave parents and their children in thousands of pounds worth of debt.”