Working with Animals and Getting the Right Qualifications

If you are hoping to work with animals but are not sure of the type of qualifications you would need, there’s a multitude of different jobs for which you would need certain qualifications and this includes animal care like dog grooming. If you would like work that involves interacting and taking care of all sorts of dogs you can get all the qualifications you need to become a dog groomer with the option to carry on your studies so you could even get the right qualifications to run your own dog grooming parlour.

Getting the right GCSEs is important so you can continue your education at college

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What You Can Expect From a College Course

Enrolling into a college course such as the one I studied at Oaklands College to learn about animal care offers you a way into what can be an extremely rewarding career. Typically, colleges boast an array of small animals for students to interact with and learn about as well as a dog grooming parlour. This is where students get all the hands-on experience they need to build up their practical skills and which prepares them to work as a dog groomer in a paid position.

However, more advanced courses are usually available too which includes animal husbandry sessions which could include large animals like goats, calves and other species. These courses involve a lot of hands-on work which can be quite thrilling. You also have the choice of doing an HE course should you wish to take your animal studies even further and gain more qualifications which automatically opens more doors in the animal care industry which can turn into very rewarding careers.

Higher qualifications in animal care opens the door to a variety of jobs

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Course Requirements

It goes without saying that you would need to have a love and understanding of animals and if you are aiming to work with dogs, then a love of our canine friends is essential. The courses are designed to teach people the practical skills needed so they are able to enter into their chosen career after having achieved the necessary skills and qualifications. However, there is the option to carry on your studies to achieve a NPTC level 3 dog grooming qualification which would allow you to run your own dog grooming parlour if this is your end goal.

What the Course Will Teach You

Where dog grooming courses are concerned, this would see you being taught how to prepare a dog ready to be bathed and this may include any pre-clipping where deemed necessary. The training would involve right up to when a dog would be ready for styling. The courses are held in very safe and clean environments where students are taught how to handle a dog safely applying the right type of control and restraint. Students are also taught about customer care and how to move dogs safely from area to area when they are being professionally groomed.

How Students are Assessed

Students are assessed in several ways which includes being observed when carrying out requested tasks and then judged on their performance. There is also a written test which involves short answer papers as well a multiple choice online assessment which is done through City & Guilds. Certificates are awarded in three levels being pass, merit and distinction. If you are successful this opens the door to continuing your studies to do a Level 3 City & Guilds Grooming course which would allow you to enhance your skills to even higher levels and which would allow you to run your own dog grooming parlour.

In Summary

If you have set your heart on working with animals and in particular dogs, by enrolling into an Animal Care college course you will be able to learn all the skills needed to enter into what is a very rewarding job. These courses are typically very hands on which means you get to learn all the practical skills needed to handle dogs safely. Once you have attained your initial qualification, you can then opt to continue your studies and complete an H3 which would allow you to run your own dog grooming parlour which is a great end goal.