Randstad believe a career is far more than just a job

Randstad are a company which is certainly passionate about finding just the right job for their clients. This is not really surprising as any recruitment agency would probably claim exactly the same aims for their business.

But Randstad have a slightly different attitude to the whole employment seeking regime. They believe that the best employees are filled with passion and are searching for something more from a career than simply a salary.

They consider themselves to be in the business of finding positions for employees that the applicant can get excited about. After all we spend a huge part of our waking lives at work, and as such we really should be getting a fulfilment return from all those invested hours.

Having a good salary is obviously important and cannot be ignored. But for Randstad placing the career seeker in exactly the right environment where they can flourish is the ultimate goal.

As you can imagine this is an excellent combination as the happier, more fulfilled, and eager employee is going to give a company exactly what they are looking for in an applicant. This means that the company gets what they are looking for and the employee can look forward to Monday mornings rather than dreading another mundane week at the proverbial coal face.

As a way of describing how they feel about the need for people to truly enjoy their work Randstad believes that the most credible advocates they can offer are some of their many candidates for whom they have found a dream job that offers more than just a decent wage.

They have created a series of short videos under the umbrella title “How I became ..” in which successful applicants describe how their lives have changed by finding a job where they love every minute of the working day.

Take a look at the video below to see what we mean.

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