Culture Fit Tool launched to help jobseekers identify right companies for them

With Valentine’s on its way, it’s not just singles looking for a good fit. Companies and jobseekers are equally motivated to find a good match in terms of fitting in with the company culture. Whilst qualifications and experience are important for a smooth transition, fitting the company’s culture is critical in retaining employees.

Kristoff-Brown et al published a study in which ‘fit’ within a company led to increased happiness at work, greater commitment, & productivity; and enhanced loyalty towards employers. 89% of people who leave a job within 18 months of being hired do so not because of a lack of suitable skills, but due to attitudinal reasons . Kieran Highman, a jobseeker from the South West said, “I want more than just a job. I want to be part of something valuable, and which I value”.

Created to plug the gap between finding a job suited to skills and cultural fit, The Culture Fit Tool is launched by CareerClover . Built to address the needs of jobseekers looking for the perfect fit at work, CareerClover is unlike anything on the market today. Many other online career tests lack scientific credibility, much less accommodating psychological profiling specific to person and company. Offering insight into personality, values and behaviours, CareerClover gives practical and personalised advice for what to look for in a company.

Privacy and data protection is key to CareerClover, meaning jobseeker’s data remains completely private and is never shared with potential employers.

The tool explores five key categories of culture widely recognized in the Organizational Culture literature – Formal versus Informal, Conventional versus Innovative, Hierarchical versus Flat, Collaborative versus Competitive and Open versus Political. The second section of the report looks at additional factors associated with company culture, including Recognition and Reward, Work-Life Balance, Development, Training and Progression and Community.

The information gathered by the Culture Fit Tool is practical, aimed at helping the jobseeker identify which companies to approach and, ultimately, which companies to accept a position with. The data is based on the jobseeker’s answers to a highly accurate personality questionnaire , developed over 60 years ago and used by millions of professionals world-wide.

Gabrielle Walker, Psychologist at CareerClover said, “We hear from jobseekers all the time how they want more than ‘just a job’ – they want personal fulfilment and self-actualisation from a role that they feel suits them perfectly. CareerClover’s other reports help jobseekers gain a solid understanding of themselves and their skills and career interests. However, this report is really special because fit with company culture is one of the most important predictors of long-term success.”

Arming jobseekers in-depth information about their company culture preferences could provide the critical breakthrough required to dramatically improve the success rate of finding happiness and fulfilment at work.

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