UK students equipped with internships by India

Recently heralded as an emerging market   set to rival China, India is rising rapidly in the ranks of richness, in terms of cultural gain and employment opportunities. Under what Gregory ‘Shantaram’ Roberts coins as the baked blue bowl of Bombay sky, millions of people are moving. From the Juhu slums depicted in Slumdog Millionaire to the skyscrapers overshadowing ornate palaces, things change fast in India these days.

As young people within the UK seek opportunities to expand their skill set and hands on experience of their chosen career, Capital Placement Ltd. have successfully paired numerous students and graduates with big brand names in expanding countries such as Dubai and India. In return for dedicated, enthusiastic members to their teams, internship hosts equip their interns with valuable knowledge and skills; furthering young people’s employment opportunities.

Capital Placement was launched just eighteen months ago to bridge the gap between gaining theoretical and practical knowledge for the modern student. It’s tough being young in the UK right now. Competition is fierce even for internships, let alone for the jobs themselves. Recruiters choose experience over qualifications, or seek a fine blend of the two. Niranjan Thampu, the Managing Director said, “we give students an opportunity to gain this essential experience outside the UK. With links to major brands such as Intel, Investec and Adidas, our packages offer young people a full immersion into other cultures as well as a professional, tailored intern programme.”

As recently graduated students themselves, Niranjan and his partner Vinay Vimalan applied for an array of internship programmes when in the second year of their studies. Vinay said, “We had all of this theory and just needed some way of putting it into practice.” As more and more missed opportunities mounted up, the friends decided to seek an internship abroad. Each landing an opportunity within an organisation who have branched out to India, they were able to incorporate travel and cultural discovery with their internship programmes. Afterwards, having discussed the benefits of this unique opportunity, Mr. Thampu and Mr. Vimalan conceived of giving other students the same opportunities and Capital Placement was born.

Ever expanding, the Managing Directors have reached out to an impressive list of firms in both India and Dubai; offering support in sectors such as Legal, Management Consultancy, Investment Banking, Media & Journalism, Business, Technology/IT and Marketing and NGO. To celebrate the success of their India internships, the company are launching a competition for students and graduates to win a placement on one of their professional packages this August. With a first prize of the entire internship paid for plus a weekend’s relaxing resort break and runner up prizes offering large discounts on the packages, students have everything to play for.

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